Innovative Energy Healing

what to expect

Unlike surgery or side-effect laden pharmaceutical drugs, alternative therapies are gentle and require patience to effect permanent change. The aim is not mere symptom relief, but a total healing of the body. This means starting at the very beginning assessing your condition completely, removing toxins, heavy metals, scar tissue that blocks the meridians, residual vaccinations, and other blocks to your body's natural functioning. This initial clearing of the ground will take a whole appointment before we can begin addressing current ailments. Depending on the ailment and depth of imbalance you may require anywhere between 4 and 10 visits until your body is capable of righting itself.  If you are looking for a quick fix,this is probably not the modality for your needs. Furthermore, in order to ensure that energy and health imbalances do not return, you should be prepared to make changes in lifestyle and habit that brought about the original problem.

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to finding wholeness for all those who are interesting in becoming partners in their own healing.

after care
what it's not for...

Each treatment is approximately 2 hours in length. We begin with a brief program to reset and bolster your energy for the treatment. This is called Spin Inversion.

The rest of the first hour is spent measuring and assessing your current condition and testing which light programs will be most effective for you.  The second half of the treatment is comprised of receiving the light based biofeedback and then once again assessing how effective the treatments were in correcting your energy disturbances.

After the treatment you should be prepared to rest as many patients find themselves tired afterwards. Drinking a lot of water is recommended to help the body flush toxins. Sometimes a wave of intensification of symptoms are reported before a deep relief comes. This comes from powerful energy blocks being eradicated.

Biophoton therapy is not ideally suited for structural problems such as broken bones, strained muscles and other  problems. Although these problems may have begun as imbalanced energy, the subtle nature of light therapy would take too long to effect change to be considered effective.

cancellation policy

Cost is per treatment. Each Treatment costs $100-175 per session (you pay in this range what you can afford) . For ailments requiring longer course of treatment, some cost reduction may be available.

At the present time we only accept cash and checks. However, we are in the process of accepting credit cards. Biophoton therapy treatments are not covered under most insurance plans.

Unlimited Cancellations with 24-hour notice at no charge.

Up to 3 "last minute" cancellations are also without charge.

"No-Shows" (no advance warning) are expected to pay full treatment price.